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Imagina Natural works with Chilean artesans in order to offer the world the best Chilean natural products. Our work in providing new markets for these products provides much needed income and support for talented artesans in often the most rural and isolated parts of Chile. Our obsession for quality, good service and great design means that our offering not only matches but actively competes with the luxury products from more established markets.

Imagina Natural is based in Constitucion, Region Maule, Chile. Constitucion is the town which was at the centre of the massive 2010 earthquake and Tsunami that hit Chile hard. Maule has one of the lowest incomes per capita in Chile at around only $5000 per year versus more than $20000 in the capital Santiago. The largely rural community suffers from the centralisation that exists in Chile and outside the wine and forestry sectors which are concentrated around the main towns the local populace can struggle.

Whilst not an official B corp, Imagina Natural does have social good at its heart. We beleive in economic development through innovation and see export led growth as a key asset in helping the Maule region and other Chilean rural regions to grow. We are not a charity and do not feel that charity is the most effective way to help people help themselves. In buying the best artesanal products fromt he best chilean artesans we allow them to continue and specialise their trade and innovate.

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