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Fairphone Docks - A Fair Dock For a Fair Phone - Handmade, Wooden, Individual, Socially Conscious

A fair dock for a fair phone. We hand make each dock to your specific needs. Simply pick an existing handmade design or contact us for a personalised quotation for your very own individual bespoke design. All our docks are available for the Fairphone and available made to order but please make sure you let us know so we can customise it so it fits your Fairphone perfectly. Obviously our driftwood and tsunami wood is absolutely unique and certain designs are impossible to repeat, however we can always work with you to get the dock that does justice to your new Fairphone or Fairphone 2.

As always we love to hear from clients about the designs they would love, so dont hesitate to get in touch if there is a specific wooden Fairphone dock you have in mind!