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About us

Imagina Natural sources the finest Chilean materials and produces high quality ecologically sustainable products that are both practical and artistic.

From Constitucion, Maule in the Central part of Chile, Imagina Natural sets out to sustainably, ethically and respectfully use the best of the natural resources Chile has to offer along with the finest traditional skills of the the region in order to produce products that we can be proud of.

Chile is home to volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, geysers, mountains, deserts, lakes, glaciers, forest fires, floods and all sorts of wonderful creatures. This unique geography provides us with some of the most special natural creations.

Sadly in 2010 an 8.8 grade earthquake hit Constitucion and the resulting tsunami completely destroyed the town. 5 years after the earthquake debris continues to lap against the shore of both the river maule and the powerful pacific ocean. We carefully collect, clean, restore and bring back to life this troubled driftwood hoping to create work that inspires those that use it.

We are environmentally conscious and are very keen not to cause deforestation of the incredibly beautiful chilean native forests that are home to many beautiful plants, trees and animals that are unique to Chile. We try to use reclaimed wood and driftwood as much as possible. When we do buy wood we are extremely careful about its origins and check that it is either old wood or tree that fell in a storm for example.

Our Goal

Essentially our goal at Imagina Natural is to bring the finest Chilean natural materials to life using local skills and hard work. Focussing on local natural materials such as reclaimed wood, scrap metal, locally produced natural fibres, drifwood combined with artistic skill to produce work that we are proud of and that we hope the world will love.

Our Story

The fascinating prospect of working with the incredibly inspiring natural materials that Chile is lucky to possess caused us to create Imagina Natural dedicated to the creation of meticulously detailed and artistically designed products. We strive to do justice to the ethically sourced materials we use such as drift wood and reclaimed metal. As such, our focus is the completion of original and exclusive products using recycled materials like rescued wood and metals in a sustainable manner and in accordance with our ethos of respect and care for the natural environment. We encourage a philosophy of imagination in finding projects that aim to delight our customers with increasingly refined tastes and who identify with the improvement of a sustainable world and who want care for environment.

Interestingly, this process occasionally works in reverse in the sense that when searching for one piece for a specific project your imagination and ideas overtake judgment and change the project dramatically from the original plan. For example whilst scavenging for driftwood on the beach looking for the perfect piece of wood for a picture frame only to find the perfect sea worn driftwood base for a rustic wood table.

The abundant and fascinating natural resources of Chile provide the perfect materials to create incredibly special, individual and ecologically sensitive products that the world can enjoy.

Our Philosophy

Maintaining harmony with the environment is a philosophy in our workshop and the people who we work with. Recycling materials is clearly highly demanding and challenging especially when searching for the ideal parts which could be suitable for the development of the projects you want to perform.

We believe in our work and although we are relatively new we think we have started on the right path. The quality of our work along with respect for the environment whilst working with recycled materials allows us the possibility to work with an increasingly demanding clientele who committed to the best use of our natural resources whilst taking care to protect our environment.

Our Products

In our workshops here in Constitution we create individual unique designs such as wooden picture frames and coffee tables with the old remains from unused or interesting pieces of wood and metal rescued when they otherwise would not be used. We aim to work with dedication and imagination, transforming our work into pieces we hope may be considered highly original.

Chilean wool is extremely special and our hand made, hand spun, hand dyed wool from locally reared, non intensively farmed sheep is of the highest quality, incredibly unique and exceptionally pleasing to work with.

We invite you to visit the product galleries on our website.