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Decorative Door Stop

Decorative Door Stop


Doors play an important role in our home, apart from providing us with "Security", they allow us to pass between the interior and exterior and between interior rooms.

  As an object of decoration for the doors, the handmade "Door Holders" play an important role when ventilating a house to maintain hygiene in the different spaces, which implies opening doors and windows to generate air currents that renew.

 By placing a "Door Stop" at the base of the door and away from the hinges to keep it open, it allows the air flow to continue, avoiding the risk of being struck by drafts.

Cotele Door Holder (cotton)

Beaded ornaments on the trunk and stones of the legs, burlap and cotton flowers.

Filler: 80 % sand / 20 % soft

Wight. 3,7 kilograms

Size. Height  45 cms  Base 23 cms 

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